RDC challenges the district to adopt Cash for work’s ‘labour based approach’

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RDC challenges the district to adopt Cash for work’s ‘labour based approach’

Kyangwali Refugee Settlement

On Tuesday 29th October 2019, the district leadership led by the Resident District Commissioner – (RDC) and the district chairman visited our Kyangwali refugee settlement camp office on a project’s monitoring activity. They greatly appreciated the ‘labor based approach’ used in building roads, which they described as ‘one of its kind’ in the entire Albatine region.

The RDC challenged the district to adopt the labour based approach as a solution to the deplorable state of roads in the district.

“I challenge the district’s technical team to study more about this labour based approach in road construction so that we may apply it on other roads in future”, said the RDC Kikuube/Hoima Mr. Alaali Kisembo during the project field monitoring.

Mr. Kisembo was particularly amazed by the quality of roads that cash for work beneficiaries have managed to fix in just 20days (Mid-way the project). “This road is extremely good. It is as if a grader has been used to work on it. If I had not found people working, I would not have believed. Mr. Kisembo added in a delightful tone.

Mr. Francis Kazini, LCV Chairperson, the LC 5 chairperson esteemed the approach used by LEU, due to the fact that it empowers local people to appreciate the value of their infrastructure as well as their money.

“It is an easy way to having locals hold themselves accountable, they know how much was used and they hold everything on this road valuable because they own it” he said. He was particularly impressed by the fact that the approach empowers people to earn as they improve their community roads.

“As leaders of Kikuube District Local Government, we assure you (LEU) of our support. However, this being a short term project, we expect LEU to write more wining proposals to get us more projects in the young district" said Mr. Francis Kazini, LCV Chairperson.

Some of the women beneficiaries were initially pessimistic about the project. One of these is Juliet Kusemererwa, one of the beneficiaries from the host community.

“When they (LEU) first came, I thought men would grab the opportunity because that has been the norm for many projects, but LEU considered us over men surely and I really appreciate them” says Juliet, who also hopes to start a poultry farm in her backyard to enable her expand her house hold’s income to supplement that of his husband.

Our project manager Nganda Philmon applauded the LEU for promoting a stakeholder based engagement, which has enabled smooth working relations through the project.

“The involvement of the district local leaders at right from the project design through stakeholders’ meetings, together with the deployed LEU staff and office setup in the settlement, has created an effective coordination and smooth implementation of Cash for Work activities” Nganda noted.

He assured district leaders that cash for work will continue working tirelessly hard to provide livelihood assistance to refugees and host communities (emergency, Kngwali refugee settlement.

Under this project LEU will continue working to: complete Cash for Work activities on the selected roads both in the refugee settlement and host community, start the financial literacy trainings to Cash for Work beneficiaries, continue Cash for Work on the solar irrigation transferring cash to the beneficiaries for final reimbursement.

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