Cash for work excites women beneficiaries in Kyangwali refugee settlement

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Cash for work excites women beneficiaries in Kyangwali refugee settlement

Kyangwali Refugee Settlement

Women in Kyangwali refugee settlement camp and the surrounding host community expressed their excitement to Living Earth Uganda (LEU), and the development partners; UNDP and Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for the cash for work arrangement, which has extended livelihood support to their communities.

Camp authorities have also commended and described the project as one of those that in a ‘good way, and with good intentions’ putting women first.

“Cash for work is such a unique project in a way that it considered the most at risk populations like the women and youth. It would have otherwise been extremely hard for women to flex with men to access such opportunities”

says Jolly Kebirungi, the camp Commandant

Cash for work is an arrangement is a temporally emergency employment aimed to improve the quality of lives of refugees and host community population in Kyangwaali refugee settlement camp. This year’s cohort targets 330 households where 70% are refugees and 30% are members of the host community.

Right from design, 65% of the project’s total target is women while the rest are men and youth.

“Poverty affects women and young people most and this exposes them to risky behaviors, we therefore give them priority to empower them to at least meet certain needs”

says Asiku Vincent, the Field project officer.

Some of the women beneficiaries were initially pessimistic about the project. One of these is Juliet Kusemererwa, one of the beneficiaries from the host community.

“When they (LEU) first came, I thought men would grab the opportunity because that has been the norm for many projects, but LEU considered us over men surely and I really appreciate them” says Juliet, who also hopes to start a poultry farm in her backyard to enable her expand her house hold’s income to supplement that of his husband.

Tugume Kusemererwa, the team leader says the cash for work money will empower women to leave independent of their husbands. He says, “It’s exciting that women will also earn some money in short time, this will help them leave independent from their husbands”.

One other beneficiary who breathed in relief upon her successful selection is Margret Kyakutegekeire; she is particularly happy with the transparent selection process. She says, “The recruitment process was transparent to the extent that there were no complaints thereafter; apart from the fact that slots for beneficiaries were limited”.

Many would have loved to benefit from the project but slots were limited. However, LEU is committed to continue sourcing for funds whose aim is to improve the quality of lives of unfortunate. Each beneficiary expects to earn about 20,000 Ush per day for 40 days translating to 800,000 Ush, by the end of the project.

“Based on the people's positive attitude and response towards cash for work, many more would have loved to work; unfortunately, the slots are limited our team will continue to identify additional funding opportunities for such projects”, said Philemon Nganda, the project manager

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